4 Temptations Every Great Athlete & Leader Faces

I have gotten the opportunity to begin a bible study for local high school guy athletes preparing them for not only life on the field but also life off the field.  We are studying the life of Joseph and learning some principles from his life that made him a great leader during his time!

Here is the outline with a few thoughts from last night:

Text:  Gen. 39:1-20

4 Temptations of Every Great Athlete & Leader Face:

  •   Temptation to give in & not stay strong.

The easy way is always there.  Giving in will be most natural in the moment but it will lead to the greatest regrets later.  The decision of what to do with this temptation is always made in advance because in the moment – the easy way will always be yelling your name.  This may be in a moral decision or with how to handle how team-mates who are being a part of the problem not the solution.  To not give in will always cause you to be  noticed because often times you stand alone!

  •   Temptation to take shortcuts

 Shortcuts are never noticed when times are good – they are always seen when the pressure is on or the storms have come.  Every athlete can cut reps short or practice short because no one notices….but when the pressure is on..we can always find those that have cut their work short!  “If you cheat on your road work in the dark of the morning you will be found out in the big fight under the bright lights”  attributed to Joe Louis  Great athletes & leaders do it the right way….may take longer..may be harder…but it always last & works better!!  

  •  Temptation to sacrifice long-term goals for short-term needs
Joseph had a God-given dream that I believe kept him going in the right direction.  When he was tempted by Potiphar’s wife, the temptation compared to his long term goal was not enough to cause him to give him.  The temptation is always immediate but cannot sustain us long-term.  The short fix becomes a long term regret!  Keep your God given goal in front of you to help you make better choices in the moment.
  • Temptation to think about yourself & forget about others

One of the amazing things that Joseph was able to do was to think about his relationship to God and also to his master Potiphar when he was facing this temptation.  One of the temptations of every leader & athlete is to get wrapped up in themselves and to forget about how their life affects other people.  Society pushes us to think about ourselves and to forget others…..to truly be great you always have to remember OTHERS!  I believe the greatest sign of spiritual maturity in our lives is when we realize that our lives are always intertwined with others.  Our life can push them ahead and cause them to succeed or hold them back and keep them from succeeding!


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