Rearview Mirror

  • Incredible weekend speaking to our NorthStar students during their “Thrive” weekend…15 years removed from full-time student ministry – still love being with them!  I pray that some of the strides they made this weekend will be their new “stride” walking in the Spirit!  Thankful for the 15 students that accepted Christ and the tons of others that responded to God’s “tap” on their shoulder!  
  • Awesome looking out on the crowd of 300+ students and leaders and seeing some of my former students that were leading & hosting and seeing my 2 kids……life sure has a way of coming full circle!
  • Began series “PRAY” on Sunday……challenged NStar family and myself to “step into the circle” and see what God can do with our impossible situations!  
  • So thankful for Mark Batterson and his book “Circle Maker” – big time pushing our buttons right now!
  • Had a blast going to Superbowl party last night with 2 of my roommates from Liberty (1988-1990).  Anne & I had our second date to Keith & Carrie Carters apt in Lynchburg to watch the Superbowl in 1990 and to think all of these years later we are at their house again watching the Superbowl with not only them but David & Angela Eeles & their families is crazy!!!  So thankful for life-long friends!
  • Now that football is over – baseball is officially on-deck!  Allatoona’s first game is Feb 24 and the Braves are right around the corner – can’t wait!
  • Sitting down with Annie tonight and drawing our circles and putting our “impossible prayers” inside and putting them up at the house….believing God for huge things!  Hope you step in with me!
  • Beginning High School Athletes bible study on Sunday night….Have no idea what to expect – just praying the one’s that God wants there will come and that I can encourage them to be “All-IN” with their walk with Christ!!  They could change their schools and it will be encouraging for them to know how many other guys are out there just like them!!!  Can’t wait!

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