Rearview Mirror

  • We will wrap up our “Hello my name is series’ this week……it’s been a blast the past few weeks introducing who we are as a church and why we do the things that we do!
  • As sad as I am to see summer come to a close – I love the energy that fall brings and all the people that start getting reconnected back to church after summer!
  • Absolutely – the best summer ever!  So much incredible stuff happened for the kingdom!
  • Worked with our NStar coaches yesterday on doing some “tweaking” of how we do staff meetings to make them more impactful and helping keep us on mission!  Can’t wait for Sept!
  • Fall baseball is back in full swing – games start next week.  Last run with this with Casey & I on the field together….bittersweet….
  • Football cranks up friday night for the Bucs…start a new series with the team on the life of David… many great lessons from this incredible leader!
  • Almost 2 weeks in the book of school for Casey & Mary-Michal….so proud of them for “who they are”!  Anne & I are so blessed to have them as our kids!
  • Anne is back to work full-time after 14 years at home helping the kids grown up and become who they are!  A little sad that part of our life is over….we have loved every minute of it!
  • So many great things ahead this fall!

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