Rearview Mirror

  • Absolutely loving our “Greater Than” series as we work through Mark 5.  Tough message for fathers day on Jairus daughter and Jesus “Greater Than” power over death.  One day, He will wake us all up when we close our eyes here!  Gotta love Hope!!
  • The “Blessings” song that we closed with was solid and right on the money.
  • Could not get over crowds in TN & Compass…….heard Dallas campus was solid as well!  Loving all the people out in the middle of the summer getting/staying connected in their walk with the Lord!
  • Loved seeing all of the families lined up at the photo booths getting pics made for Fathers day!  Huge hit!!!  Pics were awesome!  If you are a pastor or ministry leader – cool thing to add to events at your church…vbs, student camp, etc……Contact Chuck at Southern Nights…..
  • Great Fathers day at NStar!
  • Got to lead a grandmother to Christ on thursday in my office…her heart was so ready!!!  So incredible!
  • Found out that 114 children accepted Christ during Adventure week!!  So proud of Tricia, Terri, Lendy & Kristi and their amazing volunteers & teams that made the weekend happen!!!
  • Got to be home all day & evening…..Casey got home from camp around 3pm and we were able to chill…watch some college world series action and some good Sunday night AFV….
  • Any day we are all home is a good day!
  • Good news…bad news…..Anne is going back to work full-time in the fall in the attendance office at Allatoona…so happy for her and so happy that we get to start getting ready to pay college tuition in a year!  So thankful this awesome job opened up at this awesome place!!  So sad that we will not have our fridays hanging out on my off day…….selfish I know but will still be missed
  • Casey & I get to meet Tuesday with John Schuerholz from the Atlanta Braves…can’t wait to pick his brain on leadership and also let Casey ask him some questions about how to get into front office work in baseball…incredible opportunity – crazy story of how it all came together!
  • Still can’t get my mind around MM starting HS next year……time is going to fast!
  • Spent the weekend at the Auburn Team Camp with the Varsity squad from Allatoona…played some good baseball while there and learned some great new training tips for pitchers…..good stuff!
  • The Bucs have 2 tournaments left in their June summer schedule.  9-4 so far which we are all good with in light of missing a lot of our key returning players.
  • The Georgia Sox showcase team crank up July 2 with the Perfect Game – can’t wait to get these guys on the field!
  • A former college buddy from LU is letting his son come and live with us for a few weeks to play for the Sox!  Can’t wait to have him as part of our family for that time!

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