Rearview Mirror

  • Great week 3 of Vantage Point series!  Amazing how the religious leaders of the day missed who He was and why He came!
  • HUGE crowds….time change Sunday always picks the crowds up!  I remember hearing Rick Warren say years ago – 4 biggest attendances of the year:  Easter, Christmas Eve, Mothers Day & Time Change Sunday in the Fall!!  So true for us!
  • Great vision mtg for new Dallas campus on Sunday evening!  So many excited people about what God has in store!
  • Heart-breaking loss for the Allatoona Bucs on Friday night in the region championship game…..13-12.  State Playoffs start this week….Toona is hosting St. Pius X…will be tough match-up!
  • Had a great day with Anne on Saturday running some errands…..SO enjoyed the time I had with just her!
  • Can’t wait for the Take-Out Conference we are hosting on Tuesday….it is going to be awesome!!!  Over 300 people signed up to be with us!
  • Busy week ahead!

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