Rearview Mirror

  • Sad weekend with the passing of good friend Rich Hobbs
  • Really hit home since our son’s are the same age…..being there that night with his family is something that I will never forget
  • Great Sunday at NStar…..we had some programming issues but we worked through them….we get spoiled – most weekends go so smooth – not used to things jumping off the track!
  • Amazing time with Allatoona Fball team on friday – spending the year going through the leadership of Joshua…..this past weekend – each player got a memorial stone and talked about the “lessons” they have learned!  Blown away with what God is doing on the team!!  Fball team won again – now 5-1 on the season!
  • Great time at NStar newcomers on Sunday PM – never gets tiring hearing the stories of how so many people have ended up at NStar!
  • Spoke on Monday AM to all of the football & baseball players at Allatoona about the passing of their buddies father – incredible time together talking about life & death and what it means!  Awesome to hear students praying over their buddy!
  • The funeral went as good as it could – NStar’s main room was slammed and the whole center section was young men in ball uniforms….praying that God uses His words about “HOPE” in their lives!
  • Speaking on Wednesday to all Harrison High Seniors on “Motivation”….pumped about the time with 400-500 seniors!!
  • Speaking on Thursday to faculty at North Cobb Christian…

Praying for God to do something great in our schools that only HE can do!



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