Rearview Mirror

  • Incredible Sunday…..great crowds but even more than that… could feel the energy in the room both services!!
  • Stood after services by stage all morning and heard the stories of “life-change” and saw tears of others praying for friends that don’t know the Lord
  • Great baptisms during services – one young man came to know Christ on Friday and was baptized yesterday and filled up the room (where we would do the baptisms) with his fraternity brothers from KSU!
  • “Jesus connected with Organized Crime” was week two of  the “Controversy” series.  The calling of Levi (Matthew)…..Jesus Motto to the “Levi’s” of this world….”You can’t keep me away”!!!
  • On Saturday – did the funeral for Penny LaBrie (84 years) who accepted Christ the Sunday (3 days before) she went home to be with Him!  What a celebration we had for Penny’s life!  See previous article to read her story!
  • Performed a beautiful wedding downtown on Saturday evening at an old warehouse….very creative & unique!
  • GT pulled out a huge win on Saturday over Wake!
  • The Braves hung on and got a wild card birth – so happy for Bobby!
  • So proud of the Falcons… much grit & fight in them!
  • The Allatoona Bucs football team got a huge victory over Cartersville on Friday PM!!!  Big step forward for the Allatoona program!
  • Another great week……my life is so blessed!

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